• Setup a Virtual Machine to host Azure on.
  • Setup a SQL Server 2008 Database for Octopus.
  • Install Octopus Deploy and configure it w/ Azure Websites.
  • Allow VM to connec to Azure DB.
  • Install Microsoft packages required for FieldLevel DB change scripts.


Create SQL Server DB

@Location: New Portal

  • Choose + New
  • Choose SQL Database
  • Name: FlOctopus
  • Create a new server.
    • Server Name: deploy.database.windows.net
    • Set Server and admin & password.
    • Set Location: Central US
  • Select Source: Blank DB
  • Select Pricing Tier: S0
  • Set Colation: SQLLatin1GeneralCP1CI_AS
  • Set Resource Group: "Fl-Deploy"
  • Allow Access from VM to DB

Install Octopus Server

  • Download and Install Octopus Server x64
  • Run & Install with all default settings.
  • Activate Free Trial using your company info and deploy@fieldlevel.com email.
  • Install using defaults until you get to Database configs.
  • ScreenShot: DB Configs
    • Set SQL Server URL, this can be found in New Portal by clicking the SQL Server and clicking "Properties"
    • Authentication to "SQL Server Authentication"
    • Set Username / Password and choose your Octopus Database.
    • Click next.
  • Portal Settings
    • Listen Port : 80
    • Virtual Directory : /
  • Authentication
    • Authentication Mode: "Username/passwords store in Octopus"
    • Set Username / Password
    • Click next
  • Install

Install SQL Packages to allow for DB change scripts.

We need to install a few extra libs into the GAC so our deploy scripts can access the appropriate dll's.

Confirm Installation

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31 August 2015