• Create a TeamCity Project and connect it with Github.

Create A Project

  • Set Name to "FieldLevel"
  • Click save.

Upload SSH Key

  • Under Project Settings, click "SSH Keys"
  • Click "Upload SSH Key"
  • Upload an SSH Key to a user that is an admin to your github repo.

Setup VCS Root.

  • Under Project Settings, Choose "VCS Roots"
  • Click "+ Create VCS Root"
  • Set "Type of VCS" to Git
  • Set:
    • Fetch URL: git@github.com:FieldLevel/PATHTREPO.git
    • Push URL: leave blank
    • Default Branch: refs/heads/master
    • Set Authentication to: "Uploaded Key"
    • Username: blank
    • Uploaded Key: Choose the one you just created.
    • Click Test
    • Click Create. ScreenShot: Setup VCS Root

## Configure Slack Plugin https://github.com/PeteGoo/tcSlackBuildNotifier

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02 September 2015