• Setup a TeamCity Project pointed at a Visual Studio Solution

Create a Project

  • Add a Project in TeamCity
  • Call it FieldLevel, click save.

Connect the Project to GIT Repo

Add a "Build & Test" Project configuration.

  • With the Project Selcted, under "General Settings" choose to "Create a build configuration"
  • Name : Build & Test

  • Choose "Visual Studio (sln)" as the runner type.

Build Steps

  • Runner Type: Visual Studio %build.number%
  • Command line parameters: /p:OctoPackEnforceAddingFiles=true //We do this so we can include build files into the NuGet package that OctoPack will create.
  • OctoPack package Version: %build.number%

Setup Build Trigger

Team city is always watching the branches you define and it will pickup on changes, but if you want it to do something about it, you need to setup triggers.

A push master branch should trigger a build.

  • Choose "Build Configuration"
  • Click "Triggers"
  • Click "Add new Trigger"
  • Choose "VCS Trigger"
  • Show advanced.
    • Check "Trigger a build on each check-in"
    • Check "Include several check-ins in a build if they are from the same committer"

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03 September 2015