We want to deploy our database migrations as a separate process step on the Octopus Deploy server. To do this we will to:

  • Install an Octopus Tentacle locally using the deploy servers thumbprint.
  • Configure this tentacle as a Octopus Deploy target.
  • Add a process step for deployment to run migrations.

Create an Octopus Target

  • On the Octopus Deploy server, download the latest tentacle code
  • Add a Listening Tentacle "Deployment Target" to the environment you need to run migrations on. The thumbprint will be provided to you here.

    • Install Octopus Tentacle, use default settings.
    • When asked for thumprint, provide one from deploy server.
    • When asked for host set it to
    • Set port to 10933
    • Finish install
    • You will be provided a thumbprint from the tentacle server, you will provided this to the deploy server during target configuration.
  • Finish Adding Deployment Target

    • Environment: Integration-Azure
    • Role: DB Migrations
    • Thumbprint: [[ThumbPrintFromTentacle]]
    • Host:
    • Port: 10933


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28 September 2015