You will need a storage account for all the backups your cloud services will make.

When you create VM's, databases, etc they will all need to be connected to a Storage Account.

How to create a general storage account.


@Location: New Portal

  • Click "+ New"
  • (As of 08-31-27) it is actually best to start this process while creating your first VM. For some reason Azure has issues recognizing Pre existing storage accounts, but once created from within a VM then this storage account seems to be available to all systems as long as they are in the same Location.
  • Choose "Data + Storage"
  • Choose "Storage Account"
  • Set Storage: "flstorage"
  • Set Pricing Tier: "R"
  • Set Resource Group: "Default-Storage-CentralUS"
  • Set Subscription: FieldLevel
  • Set Location: Central US
  • Enable diagnostics so you can monitor your storage usage. More.. This will cost extra, but in the beginning its a good idea to keep on eye on how all of your system is growing.

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27 August 2015